John Cowan wrote:
> I'm reading _The Turkish Language Reform_ by Geoffrey
> Lewis (0-19-925669-1). In Chapter 2, pp. 29-30, there are
> mentions of two interesting writing systems:
> The only scheme [for improving Ottoman Turkish orthography]
> to be given a prolonged trial was the one sponsored by Enver
> Pasha from 1913 onwards, with the backing of his Ministry of
> War and, it is said, strong-arm tactics to silence any critics.
> The principle was to use only the final forms of the [Arabic]
> letters, with no ligatures. The vowels were shown by variegated
> forms of alif, waw, and ya', written on the line with the consonants.
> The result was far from pretty [...]. Originally intended to
> simplify the work of military telegraphists, its use was extended
> to official correspondence with the ministry. [...] Enver
> published _Elifba_, a reading book to teach his system, as
> late as 1917. [Kemal didn't think the system was practical;
> it was slower to read and write than the traditional one.]

For a more modern attempt, see this site:

--Ph. D.