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You'll need to find *The
> Linguistics of Literacy* ed. Downing, Lima, and Noonan (Sue Lima
> most of the work) (Benjamins, 1992; pbk. reprint later),

Thanks. This is great. I have just now read a list of the chapters
in this book. I have not done any formal research since '91 so I
missed this. The problem with Faber, whom I have read elsewhere, is
that she can't give up the logographic/phonographic dichotomy. For
me there is only alphabetic/syllabic; logographic, (which I call
morphosyllabic) is only a subset of syllabic (this is how I knew
that Mayan must have monosyllabic morphemes). Also Chinese and Tamil
are both syllabic and the effects of this on phonemic awareness can
be compared. The fact that they are segmentally coded can be
discussed as well.

My main difficulty with 'logographic' is that I think terms should
be transparent. I want to talk to teachers who have never read
DeFrancis, or Daniels or Bright or anybody at all but they know what
alphabets are and what syllables are, they can even be made to
undersand morphemes and phonemes. They know what sound and meaning

or persuade a
> publisher that there _is_ a market for a book by me.

I don't have any influence with any market or publisher but out of
interest what would the central theme of this book be?

Suzanne McCarthy