I have just been reading an article by Bright


where he mentions that you pointed out the monosyllabic morpheme in
Chinese, Mayan and Sumerian. I did not know before today that this
was one of your discoveries. A few years ago (3 or 4) I decided that
there must be monosyllabic morphemes in classical Mayan, as well as
Smerian and Chinese. I had no idea if this was true nor had I ever
read about it, but felt it must be so from the way I had organized
writing systems. When I went to the library to check I found that
it was in fact true. I have in every way tried to test my system
and find out if it predicted certain patterns. So far it has. As
has yours also. My work has been for the most part private and
unpublished as I do not work in an academic context.

On the point of Indic scripts, I have been so far been content to
think of Tamil as a syllabic script which developed from a
consonantary alphabet. I am not sure how the actual term abugida
lead you to a new discovery. What was this exactly?

Suzanne McCarthy