--- In qalam@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Dunbar <hippietrail@...> wrote:
> Really? I got the distinct impression you were helping
> them to learn how to type their own language! Sorry
> for
> jumping to this conclusion.

Sorry, Andrew,

You are right but I work from the child's knowledge of their own
language and really only provide the technology framework for them.
However, you are right about the importance of differentiating the
visible 'letter' and the sound of the letters. I am going to work
through this again. I think visual input sequence is what I am
looking for. This discussion with you and Peter Daniels is helping
me to develop a rationale for this choice. So thank you both.

Chinese characters also have divisible components on the visual
level but not phonetic level. I am beginning to think that there is
a parallel here. I have been learning a lot about preferences for
either visual or phonetic input methods among the Chinese. It seems
both have an important role to play - both are necessary.

Suzanne McCarthy