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> suzmccarth wrote:

> By Punjabi you presumably mean the Gurmukhi script, which does an
> interesting thing with its vowel notation, bringing it some distance
> from the Brahmi paradigm.

Yes, Gurmukhi. I also want to assure Michael that I am not trying to
*equate* Gurmukhi and Ethiopic. However, I uderstand that Peter has
classified them both as abugidas. I am just wondering what this
comparison is based on.

> I don't know whether Sikh children are taught with grids of
syllables or
> not.

Somehow I duobt it. I was taught to decode Punjabi without one. I
hope to be working with a teacher of Punjabi in September.

The internet has many, many examples of the Tamil syllable chart but
I can't find one for Punjabi.

Once again, I believe that another typology of scripts for
psycholinguistics is needed.

Suzanne McCarthy