suzmccarth wrote:
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> I, however, answer every one of Suzanne's questions,
> I am still waiting for a definition for quasi-logographic.

"Quasi-" is an English prefix. "Logographic" is an English word. It's
not a technical term. It means "logographic-like."

> and she answers
> > very few of mine;
> not personal ones

Like "what do you mean by 'alphasyllabary'?"?

> and she continues to manifest that she does not
> > understand the answers,
> too many reversals


If I am anything, it is consistent beyond the point of stubbornness.

(Kewl! three double letters and only one morpheme boundary!)

> and continues to inject questions that have no
> > evident connection with the material to which she appends them.
> You refuse to admit the obvious connections.

I haven't wanted to use an argumentum ad feminam, but I can't resist
thinking of that thing that used to be called "feminine intuition."

> Let us move on to Punjabi.

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