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> What children do isn't
> of much interest in script typology (though it may be quite
> about the psycholinguistics of writing).

Psycholinguistics also needs a typology of scripts.

> It is NOT a description of what
> is encoded by a script; it is a description of HOW a script does its
> encoding.

Then there could also be a typology for those who wish to know what
is encoded by a script.

> There is a HUGE difference between having 50-100 different
> characters, each for a separate syllable with no similarity between
> characters for similar-sounding syllables, and having 20-30
> characters, each of which takes on a handful of (up to a dozen)
> modifications, with similar character-bases and similar
> reflecting phonetic similarity.

Cree slips in or out of your definition of an abugida every single
time you post.

Suzanne McCarthy