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> > > We are being led to believe that the world is becoming one happy
> > > global village, well then, it is time Africa commanded the
> > > she is long due in the village. Only we Afrikans can ensure
that this
> > > indeed does happen through our active participation in the
process of
> > > writing our own history. Telling our own stories.
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"> > *telling our own stories* Yes!
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> > It is about time that someone said this.
> Did you miss Afrocentrism entirely?

Thanks for this link. I love to read about what people have to say
on the topic of their own writing system. I don't particularly like
to read articles that include phrases like the following.

"congeries of apodictic statements"

The Cree are not at all interested in Evans of the Cree syllabary.
Some Cree deny the syllabary is his invention. However, there *is* a
common vocabulary. Everyone that talks about Cree, apart from those
otherwise enlightened by your book, uses the term Syllabics.

Suzanne McCarthy