John Cowan wrote:
> Peter T. Daniels scripsit:
> > Does the average person think they are speaking prose?
> Hopefully not, since they plainly are not, unless you define "prose"
> as "any linguistic expression which is not verse".

Is not that how M. Molière used it? Or did you fail to recognize the

> > > There should be a series of questions we could device to determine if
> > > users perceive their writing system as an abugida or syllabary. Up to
> > > the challenge? I'm willing to work on it if you are :-)
> >
> > Do people perceive X as a femur or a thigh-bone? How is it relevant?
> Since "femur" and "thigh-bone" are synonymous, and "syllabary" and
> "abugida" aren't, how can this be anything but arrant nonsense?
> Do at least try to pay attention.

Now you're doing it too? The point at hand is whether people need to be
concerned with technical terminology.
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