áÐ3áS•áS¤áˆ* áЫáЕá‰Ýብ wrote:
> > > "beit" is a very stable semitic root. So I lean towards the
> rotated
> > > table as the origin of the word and hebraic scripts for the order.
> >
> > Well, since you don't identify yourself, it's entirely possible
> that you
> > know better than Wolf Leslau and Monica Devens, but I rather doubt
> it.
> Daniel Yacob, Unicode support obviously has a ways to go yet. I
> certainly can't compare with their knowledge of languages. What did
> Leslau and Devens have to say on the above matter??

Exactly what I've stated here and in several publications: abugida is
from the liturgical order of the alphabet, known from the
transliterations of Hebrew letter-names in Psalm 119, with the vowels
chosen from the columns of the traditional table.
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