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> > The ' b g d order is known in traditional Ethiopian circles,
> because it
> > appears in Psalm 119 (just as it does in the Septuagint).
> Evidence of the order appears to be from the alphabetic section
> "aleif", "beit", "gameil", and "daleit'", simple variants on the
> Hebraic letter names (a modern Amharic Bible even includes the
> letters).* The first syllable of each word follows "a-bei-ga-da".
> The "ga" in "gameil" I've certainly seen change forms (gi,ge,g) but
> "beit" is a very stable semitic root. So I lean towards the
> table as the origin of the word and hebraic scripts for the order.
> The "abegede" order is fairly well known, the Ethiopian Orthodox
> Church applied it for a time but abandoned it. The order is at
> loosely refered to as "abugida" (as per the table). The "bugida"
> (horizontal) aspect of the syllabary wouldn't be applied
in "ordering"
> though, so I find it misleading.
> > It has liturgical uses.
> do tell!

I was able to find psalm 119 in the pdf link. Then I checked an old
Latin/Hebrew psalter (1666?) that I have and found that on the Latin
side the Hebrew letters are retained to perserve the parallel with
the Hebrew side. There is no attempt a substitution.

However, in the Septuagint, it looks as if a Greek 'omega' was used
as an equivalent for Hebrew 'vav'. Did 'omega' have a latent 'v'


> /Daniel
> *Psalm 119 in UTF-8:
> http://www.bible.org/foreign/amharic/psa-119.htm#P2194_104986
> Psalm 119 in PDF (with Hebrew) page 66:
> http://www.gospelcom.net/ibs/bibles/amharic/pdf/ot/psalms.pdf