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> > > I think ... that Tamil should be thought of as a syllabary for
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I have been following this thread and learning. I don't know
specifically about Tamil, but I wonder this:

If Suz wants to teach less literate people to type Tamil in a specific
way, then rather then deabte terminology, why shouldn't she implement
(or enable to be implemented) and IME that works how she envisons it?

Certainly it can be done in Windows by almost any developer armed with a
set of specifications, and it can be done for other other OS's perhaps
even easier ebcause whole chinks of code can be lifted from other projects.

I'd take a crack at it if I am not to work for free, but beyond that it
is negotiable. Could be a cool project!



PS - But since I will be traveling starting tomorrow though next week
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me offlist at (i18nbarry <at> yahoo dot com) for the best chance to
reach me before my return.