> I don't see how having precomposed syllable characters in the
> (and invisible) Unicode layer could help in making the editing
> "more syllabic" that that described above. OTOH, it would increase
> considerably the complexity of things like sorting and searching
text, not
> to mention the troubles it would cause to font designers.
> _ Marco

I was just rereading this and wanted to say I can see all of this
now. However, the font, the keyboard and even the the recent Tamil
IME were all installed and without Uniscribe, the Unicode layer was
hardly 'invisible' to me - it was naked. I know where the USP10.dll
file is now thanks to an SIL website.

The remaining problem is how to turn 'input in logical order' a
legacy of ISCII, into a user friendly input method. I don't know
what the answer is but I am guessing transliteration from what I
hear so far.

Suzanne McCarthy