suzmccarth wrote:
> Actually I saw this term recently on the ANTHRO-L listserv,
> (published by Computing and IT, Buffalo) and I don't know who said
> what from that page but this is the link. (Probably useless because
> it is too long.)
> l&F=&S=&P=39057

If a link is too long, you cut and paste.

The URL takes you to a quote OF ME explaining why neosyllabary SHOULD
NOT be used. Yet you quote that back to me as an example of the use of
the word!!

> I knew the term previously in Fench.
> I think some of the difficulty is that I consider myself a client of
> writing system typology for a specific purpose and am looking for a
> typology that will tell me about how scripts are processed by
> people. These are scripts that I know how to use, so I know about
> the structure of the script, but am having difficulty finding good
> input methods for.
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