Sorry, mostly off-topic, Yet Again, but imho of uncommon interest. Thanks
to Seshat for her great patience and forbearance.

To most Qalamites, this is probably not news. Please forgive the
enthusiasm; I'm sending this to a few selected lists.

Many thanks to Dave Typinski [of HTWL at YahooGroups] for finding this
link; made my week. What I'm so happy about is to have an authoritative
edition, as well as the biographical information.

This is the remarkable poem you'll probably recognize as soon as you look
at it.

What's delightful is the detailed information about it. Many versions have
been circulating.

I remember keying it into my Amiga 1000 from a photocopy of some
typescript, when OCR was out of the question as a practical matter for
me. Proofreading it, even though I'm disgustingly literate, was hell!

This is one significant cultural artifact; a classic.

If I read righ,t it wsa written by a Dutchman.

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