machhezan wrote:
> > Mark E. Shoulson wrote:
> > > unnamed vs unaimed
> > > bookcase vs bookie
> > > rat-trap vs ratty
> Ph. D. wrote:
> > Many bank holding companies have
> > added "Bancorp" to their names. Again, this is
> > intended to be read "Bank Corp."
> Just of curiosity: Do you consider that in these cases you should
> pronounce two plosions or just a long consonant? In my southern
> German dialect which is sensitive to consonant length, we would
> naturally lengthen the consonants in similar cases, but I don't know
> how this works in a language like English that doesn't have
> distinctive consonant length.


If you don't want to recognize "morpheme boundary" at the phonological
level, and you don't want to include a complete set of "long consonants"
in the English inventory, then you have to come up with the concept of
"juncture." (See post-Bloomfieldian textbooks and phonology articles.)
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