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>> I was referring to articulation, apparently carelessly. For instance,
>> "Sotto", in which the t's are separately articulated, maybe with a pause
>> in voicing between them. (Am I confused?)
> There's no voicing, and there's no separate articulation; the closure is
> held a bit longer than it would be in "soto." Or "risoluto."

Golly. Indeed so! Many thanks. Indeed, I think I can now understand why a
"long consonant" is not a ridiculous idea. As I quietly repeat "Sotto" to
myself, I feel that the consonant begins voiced, holds while unvoiced
("tatweel" -- just kidding), and finishes as the voicing resumes.

I hope these topics will "migrate" to CONLANG-L, to relieve Qalam.
(It did occur to me to suggest spawning a Qalam offshoot for linguistics,
but I don't think that's a great idea.)
Nevertheless, I do greatly appreciate the recent correpondence.

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