Andrew Dunbar wrote:
> --- "Peter T. Daniels" <grammatim@...>

> > As for Mr. Hussein's forename, "Sodom" is a fairly
> > good approximation for those unfamiliar with
> > consonant length. If the middle consonant is a
> > Dad, then "Sodom" is better than Bush 41's "Saddm."
> > (So if you can find it written in Arabic script for
> > me, I'll let you know.)
> At the risk of upsetting the 8-bit email gods, it's
> "صدام
> حسين" in Arabic which, using
> Unicode's names for
> Arabic letters is "sad.dal.alef.meem
> hah.seen.yeh.noon"
> Finding the version with vowels may be trickier...

The only remaining question is whether there's a shadda on the dal, and
that would probably have appeared in a consonantal text.
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