Ph. D. scripsit:

> There are so many of these. I once asked a woman
> where she was from. She said, "Loovul." Later I
> discovered that this is the city I've always known as
> Louisville (Kentucky).

A good way to catch a Kentuckian: ask them (viva voce, not over the
Net where they have time to think about it) "Is the capital of
Kentucky pronounced [luIsvIl] or [lu@...=]?" They will fall all
over themselves to assure you it's the latter. Then you say
patronizingly, "No, the capital is pronounced [fr&nkf@...]."

Is a chair finely made tragic or comic? Is the John Cowan
portrait of Mona Lisa good if I desire to see cowan@...
it? Is the bust of Sir Philip Crampton lyrical,
epical or dramatic? If a man hacking in fury
at a block of wood make there an image of a cow,
is that image a work of art? If not, why not? --Stephen Dedalus