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> That one's easy, because everyone has to learn their state capitals
> early on.
> Somewhere on *Curb Your Enthusiasm* Season 2 DVD (I think it's where I
> saw it, since I don't watch reruns on TV) someone claims to be from
> Chic[a]go, which proves the actor doesn't know from Chicago, where the
> name of the city is Chic[O]go.

I recently learned that "Nevadda" is the pronunciation used by tha state's
Some time ago, after living in Colo. Springs for a while, I went back East
to my family in upstate NY, and they said I was pronouncing "Denver" as
"Dinver". (Is this part of a/the new Great Vowel Shift?)

Gentle apologies offered for 1. continuing to divert into linguistics and
2. for not knowing ASCII IPA.

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