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> Nicholas Bodley wrote:
>> Reminds me of Mtskheta, a city (or small geographical region
>> in Georgia (Gruzia).
>> I suspect that that could be CCCCV[CV], but I'm a dilettante...
> I am too,

Graciousness personified!

> and I suspect it is only CCC[CV]: "ts" and "kh" look like digraphs
> transliterating single letters.

Indeed. I had thought about that. Doing the homework I should have, I see
Georgian letter KHAR in both Khutsuri and Mkhreduli, U+10B5 and U+10E5,
respectively. Making a (risky?) assumption that letter names are related
to their sounds, I don't see any that obviously correspond to "ts". I'm
reminded of Japanese syllables, such as [ta chi tsu te to] (in one form of
transliteration); in a katakana chart, without further explanation, one
might reasonably assume those five to be [ta ti tu te to], which they
surely are not, phonetically.

There's a possibility that I could ask for a transliteration of "Mtskheta"
from an acquaintance who knows at least the Georgian alphabet.


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