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> You must see the nicely coloured blocks, tiles and posters that we
> use to understand what an investment we make in this training. Some
> children need 2 or 3 years of repeated work in this area. I fully
> support it. However, these same children can also happily google,
> powerpoint, email and generally feel at home on the computer by
> using input in order of visual sequence before they have mastered
> phonemic segmenting and sequencing. I am guessing that order of
> visual sequence offers a more concrete model which can be more
> easily manipulated by the less literate.

Essentially keeping Suzanne's whole message in mind, I can better
appreciate what seems to be the relative ease of use of alphabets; with an
even greater appreciation of Korean learned thanks to Young-Key
Kim-Renaud, that appreciation is somewhat reinforced. I'm trying not to
be "chauvinistic", though! Nevertheless, the world's cultural heritage is
so much richer for all the variety of writing systems.

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