I confess I was wrong. When I use Richard's character picker
everything hangs together and I can place the cursor where I want at
the beginning or end of a syllable. The Jaffna library application
also works this way. They really do work.

However, I cannot find any method in my Microsoft applications to
make the characters stick together. I have tried the space bar and
enter and alt keys. Maybe I am missing something. I have tried
every application in Microsoft and they are all the same - things
fall apart. I can never type more that a few words without having to
retype everything.

Please let me know if you know the secret keystroke, why there
should be one I don't know - Richard's character picker works fine
without. I would like a program like that which also encorporates
an interactive syllable display for those of us who want to work at
a low literacy level. If there was a syllable display then it would
not matter if it was a transliteration program or not.

Thank you for continuing to answer my questions.