> What I think is missing from this list is an ordinary Tamil
keyboard such as
> you can find a description of at
> http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/reference/keyboards.aspx

I just want to assure you, (now that I have checked)this is indeed
the Tamil keyboard that I have always used in the classroom since I
transferred to WIndows XP. Does it have another designation
besides 'ordinary'? It is indeed the keyboard I referred to in my
first post - I don't know why everyone is so doubting.

I was a little confused about why I should view the keyboard on the
internet since the on-screen keyboard in the accessibility options
in WinXP is functional in any installed language. It enables us to
flip languages in seconds. It is a very nice feature, allows me to
view any keyboard any time if it is available in the system. I
always check my keyboard and orthography by googling in the
installed language, Chinese, Korean, Tamil, Greek, Hebrew, Russian,
etc. to make sure all is well before I introduce a keyboard to a
student or visitor to my class.

Suzanne McCarthy