Question to Peter;

It's not that I am not familiar with the difference between
different writing systems. It is the taxonomy i am confused about.
I was thinking:
1. syllabaries – logosyllabaries, syllabaries and
alphasyllabaries, (abugidas)
2. alphabets – morphophonemic, phonemic and abjads

Former Models

A In the 1950's and 60's
Evolutionary: 1. Logographic, 2. syllabic and 3. alphabets
Remember Sjoberg, 1966 "The alphabet was the highest and most
modern type of writing, the most suited to mass literacy and
modernization, the goals of a democratic society". (1950's)For
Diringer and Gelb alphabets were the `culmination' of
a `progression'.

B In the 80's – early 90's (G. Sampson, H. Rogers) was:
1. phonographic – alphabets and syllabaries
2. logographic - Chinese

C Then, of course, there was the `the essential unity that embraces
all writing systems'. (Unger and Defrancis)

So my question to Peter is, what is the current taxonomy, or
hierarchical arrrangement.