Michael Everson wrote:
> At 08:13 -0700 2004-06-03, John Hudson wrote:
> >There is a smallish image of some of the original Cherokee forms here
> >
> >http://www.tiro.com/Plantagenet/plantagenet_index3.html
> >
> >and this will eventually link to a paper that my colleague Ross
> >Mills (designer of the Cherokee typeface that now ships with Mac OS
> >X) is writing. He will be presenting this paper at the St Bride
> >Printing Library conference in October.
> Greetings to Ross. I'd be interested in reading the paper. For what
> it's worth, I implemented the Cherokee keyboards that now ship with
> Mac OS X.

How well do y'all know Lloyd Anderson? He did a "Syllabaries" keyboard
for System 7 that works for Cherokee, Cree, Linear B, Cypriote, and
whichever other syllabaries he's done. I think it's the same one as for
Cuneiform, too. Immensely clever! (Those old System 7 keyboards still
work in OS 9, but I don't suppose they carry over to OS X.)
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