Dear Mongolian experts,

Does anybody know how to back-transliterate a Cyrillic IE into Mongolian
script? I have a Mongolian word (supposedly) in Cyrillic script that starts
with what looks like "E". This is Unicode codepoint U+0415, CYRILLIC
CAPITAL LETTER IE, which seems right for the data. But there is no
character in the Mongolian Unicode page that says it maps onto this
character. The normal Mongolian letter e (U+1821) maps to U+044D which is
called CYRILLIC E, but that looks different, is rounded and backwards (like
a backwards C with a bar across the middle).

There is a different Mongolian letter, EE, U+1827, but there is no mention
of how it would be transliterated into Cyrillic.

Any ideas?