It occurred to me this morning that it must be true that in many writing
systems, a person literate in a given system might not necessarily easily
write every commonplace glyph in the repertoire, or more broadly, the
culture associated with it. I suspect that many "Eurocentric" people never
learned to write ampersands (of either style [1]) at all, nor a pentagram.
(By pentagram, I mean the five-stroke star, minus the circle:

Not that it matters, but as an adult, I practiced writing both of these
symbols, just for fun.

[1] One style (seemingly less commonplace) is closer to a capital E made
from two curved strokes ("C stacked on C"), with an added stroke at the
lower right, closer to "Et" than the other. The latter has the beginning
and end of one stroke crossing each other, looking something like an 8.

My regards to all,

Nicholas Bodley /*|*\ Waltham, Mass.
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