Peter Daniels wrote:

> > Are you saying you want to buy illegally
"excavated," i.e. looted, exemplars of ancient


I was wanting to know where I could obtain fluently
written examplars by people currently studying the
language(s). [And, indirectly, if there were any study
guides to learning to write the different writing

>I haven't heard of a few of them.

I'm pretty sure I created that list from your book.
Though I did leave out at least one writing system
that belongs in that list.

John Cowan wrote:

> I suspect he doesn't know which ones are ancient,
though clearly he knows that some are.

I was being lazy, in not marking which were ancient.
[They are listed in a very specific order, with two or
three at the end taht are out of sequence.]

I will take up Peter Daniel's suggestion about the
Smithsonian Gift Shop.



That which is, is not
That which is not, is

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