pseudo_daoist wrote:
> Somebody wrote: "...itimitated handwriting" which reminded me.
> Does anybody ever learn to write these various writing systems by hand?
> Asking, because I would like to knpow where to obtain original samples
> of the following writing systems:

Are you saying you want to buy illegally "excavated," i.e. looted,
exemplars of ancient scripts? (The ones marked with an asterisk in the
following list.) There are unscrupulous antiquities dealers around the
world who would love to service you. Of course you'll probably end up
spending several to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a forgery.

> *Hittite
> Hanunoo
> Berber
> *Carian
> Alibata
> Tagbanwa
> *Orkhon
> *Ogham
> *Proto-Elamite
> Manchu
> Uighur
> *'Phags pa
> Lepcha
> Nushu
> N'ko
> Mende Kikakui
> *Egyptian demotic
> *Meroitic
> Hebrew
> Oriya
> Tslagi
> *Linear A
> *Ugaritic
> Tengwar
> Coptic
> Pahawh Hmong
> Cree
> Inuit
> Naxi
> Moso
> I realize that some of those are dead languages/writing-systems.

I haven't heard of a few of them. You could hire a scribe to write you a
ms. in any number of the rest that I have heard of. Or you could go
there and buy the items made for tourists -- I have a Hanunoo bamboo
(vel sim.) from a Smithsonian gift shop.
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