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> >> Does anyone know the language -- I believe it is a North American one -- in
> >> which syllabograms that look like ligatured North American English handwriting
> >> are used? I saw it once but have no clue where.
> >The "Eskimo script" of Neck used English-looking "syllables" for some of
> >its syllabic signs (see Alfred Schmitt). There is an alleged mainland US
> >writing system that did something similar (I think it's mentioned in one
> >of the Smithsonian Handbook articles), but it doesn't seem ever to have
> >been used.
> Hochak (Winnebago) had an English looking syllabary. IIRC in
> "Anthropological Linguistics" vol 43(?) there was a substantial article on
> the Winnebago syllabary as used by Sam Blowsnake.

Yeah, that's the one. It never caught on, did it?
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