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>Michael Everson scripsit:
>> Alaskan. I have a book on it. Indeed I suppose it is *the* book on
>> it. Die Alaska-Schrift und ihre schriftgeschichtliche Bedeutung, by
>> Alfred Schmidt (Marburg: Simons Verlag, 1951). My copy used to be
>> owned by an A. F. Sjoberg at the University of Texas.
>Ah, good. But surely "Alaskan" isn't the name of the language so written.

Yupik, I gather. "Die alaskische Sprache", one of the "Eskimo-Mundarten".

>In any event, how do you plan to encode it? There's no sign of it on the
>Roadmap-related pages, unless under another name.

The recent unpleasantness about Phoenician makes me chary of
answering this question, really.
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