Thanks Nicholas for all your comments.

Yes,there are a lot of talented people creating software in India
and I notice that there is a lot going on right now. I think some
Indic lg. developers are trying to create a software that will
approximate syllable level encoding.

I do notice however that most Indic language sites refer to the
syllable as the basic unit - often what is referred to as a letter
or character is actually a syllable, this is the basic element.

I started working in Windows 98 with njstar and MoTaml software and
found it quite good but when I wanted to put up my multilingual
website I bought a Windows XP laptop(the reason for switching from a
Mac which I used earlier is sad but too long to revisit) Then I
found that the language resources on WinXP was amazingly satisfying
until I tried the Indic languages.

I have been working with the standard keyboard and that doesn't
bother the Chinese and Korean students. In fact, I don't see why
Tamil couldn't have a system very like Korean. Actually Tamil has a
relatively small repertoire of phonemes which work well on the
keyboard but of course are difficult to combine and sequence. Using
the on screen visual keyboard in Windows accessories which switches
script with the input language makes all this possible.

I don't think the problem is political but maybe more a
misunderstanding. Since Indic languages appear to be written with
an "alphabet", they got alphabetic encoding not syllable encoding.
My feeling is that Tamil looks like an alphabet and functions like a