Stephane Bertho wrote:
> Does anyone know the date of creation of the following scripts (any
> informations appreciated) :

Gulp! I never heard before the 70% of the 50+ scripts you mention, so I am
afraid that I won't be of much help...

While the American experts are still asleep, I have a couple of notes and

> Adriatique moyen

What kind of script is this? (It is just one of the many names I never
heard, but it made me curious, as it sounds like it might be from Italy.)

> Braille chinois

There is no single "Chinese braille". I know of at least two brailles used
in China: a Cantonese braille used in Hong Kong blind schools and a Mandarin
braille used in mainland China. I recall that the second one has been
reformed in recent years, which makes at least a third Chinese braille.

> Dhives akuru

Is this the same as Thaana, i.e. the script used in the Maldives islands?

> Euskara

AFAIK, Euskara is the local name of the Basque language, which is written in
Latin script.

> Marsiliana

AFAIK, this is not a script but the name of a small town, Marsiliana
d'Albenga (Grosseto, Italy). In this place archaeologists found a famous
ivory tablet (perhaps a scribe's palette) with the whole *Etruscan* alphabet
inscribed on it.

So, couldn't "Marsiliana" be just an alternate name for the Etruscan script?

> Tamasheq
> Tifinagh

Aren't these two synomims, both referring to the Berbers' script?

> Theban
> Voynich

Are these two really scripts? IIRC, they are both sorts of pseudo-writing
connected with magic.