John Cowan wrote:
> Rock'n'roll I grant you is American, but useful electricity was the
> work of a Serbian, and blue jeans were designed by a native of Latvia,
> using cloth de Nimes.

Oh no! I can already hear grumbling of Italian nationalists!

After pizza (invented in Naples, Italy, or in Alexandria, Egypt?),
Tocai/Tokaj (typical wine of Friuli, Italy, or of the Balaton region,
Hungary?), and the telephone (invented by Antonio Meucci, Italian, or by
Alexander Bell, American?), it seems that sooner or later we'll also have a
dispute with France about the origin of the blue cloth...

Is it Genoa's cloth ("Gêne's" -> "jeans"), or the cloth from Nimes ("de
Nîmes" -> "Denim")?