John Cowan wrote:
>> The answer (for the curious) is at the bottom of the updated URL
>> above, where I also question Unicode relegating Coptic to "just
>> plain old Greek plus seven extra letters".

> The next version of Unicode will disunify Coptic and Greek, adding
> alfa, vida, gamma, dalda, eie, sou (Coptic stigma, used only as a
> number), zata, hate, thethe, iauda, kapa, laula, mi, ni, ksi, o, pi,
> ro, sima, tau, ua, fi, khi, psi, oou, Akhmimic kei, and ro with
> stroke, in upper and lower case forms; also the symbols mi-ro,
> khi-ro, and Khristos; Coptic full stop; and Coptic 1/2.

Wow, that's good to know. Thanks, John!

Does anyone happen to know when we'll likely see Unicode 4.1?

And do they, by the way, issue the "big book" on .1 releases?

Also, how were those versions of the anglicized orthographies of the Coptic
letters arrived at? Consensus of current-day scholars?