> I am trying to wite it in Ancient Egyptian.

I don't quite understand your problem.

If you want to *WRITE* the Ancient Egyptian language with the Ancient
Hieroglyphic script, of course you don't write the vowels... You could not
write them even if you wanted, because (a) the script has no signs for
vowels, and (b) we don't know how the vowels were pronounced (which is a
circular argument: we don't know them because they were not written).

The problem arises only when you want to *READ* Ancient Egyptian *ALOUD*,
because you cannot of course utter a string of consonants without
intervening vowels.

Egyptologists solve this issue using these two tricks:

1) some consonants are read as if they were vowels;

2) vowel "e" is inserted at pleasure to break groups of consonants
that would not be pronounceable.

The five consonants which are read as vowels are the first ones (top row,
from left) in this table:

Their conventional sounds are "a", "i", "i", "a", and "u", respectively.

Of course, the resulting pronunciation is *NOT* the actual Egyptian
pronunciation (which we don't know) but just a conventional one which
enables Egyptologists to *talk* about their science, as opposed to just
*write* essays about it.

Hope this helps.

_ Marco