John Hudson wrote:
> At 05:25 AM 12/12/2003, Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> >(For me, "Latin" script is the 23 letters used for writing Latin.)
> So is the approx. 26 letters used for writing English the 'English script'?
> For me, these subsets of signs are respectively the Latin alphabet and the
> English alphabet. You appear to be using script as a generic term,
> interchangeable with any of the more precise terms alphabet, syllabery,
> abugida, etc.; whereas I, and I suspect various other people in this
> discussion, would be more inclined to use the term 'writing system' in this
> generic way (the Latin writing systems = the Latin alphabet), and reserve
> the term script for the superset of signs from which particular writing
> systems are derived. I've found this usage useful, and obviously others
> have as well; if you have a better terminology that describes the
> relationship of the particular to the general in this way, please tell us.

Why would I use a term for something that doesn't need to be referred
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