At 08:46 -0500 2003-12-11, Peter T. Daniels wrote:
>Marco Cimarosti wrote:
> >> 2. how many are known (living and dead) in the world/throughout history?
> >
>> Ugh! Who knows?
>> If Daniels or Everson don't come up with an answer for this, there are very
>> few other people in the world you could ask to...
>I posted my answer 16 minutes before you posted yours.
>Everson just said "look at Unicode," which is unhelpful for two reasons.

I said "look at the Roadmap". That is a reasonable estimation of the
number of scripts which are important enough to consider encoding. I
have other things to do that draw up lists for their own sake; the
Roadmap certainly is a good place to start if that's what Gabriella
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