John Cowan wrote:
> > Bengali has probably as many speakers as English or Mandarin;
> The Ethnologue's estimates for first-language speakers:

Unluckily, no two sources give the same numbers and, well, apologizes to SIL
people here but The Ethnologue's estimates do not have great fame of

> > | Middle East; Arabic; RTL; Arabic
> >
> > You might wish to write "Middle East, except Israel". But
> > perhaps this is unnecessary as, AFAIK, Arabic is the
> > second official language of Israel.
> The CIA Factbook says that Israeli Arabic is official only if you are
> an Arab, so I take it that you (e.g.) can't go there, write letters to
> the government in Arabic, and have a right to get answers.

I remember that the Knesset's website is also available in Arabic language,
including an e-mail for feedback in Arabic. But, then, that is true also of
the Italian parliament's website...

_ Marco