John Cowan wrote:
> Tex Texin scripsit:
> > I had seen this, but wondered about it because I have been looking at
> > Nakanishi's book and in the Scripts of Europe chapter (first one) and it
> > remarks about each language being the Latin script plus a couple characters.
> I think he is using "script" in a different sense, as a cover term for
> "alphabet", "syllabary", "abjad", etc. It's right to say that the
> Danish alphabet is the Latin alphabet (= alphabet of the Latin language)
> plus a few characters. But both languages use what we rather arbitrarily
> call the Latin script, "script" here in the Unicode sense.
> It's always annoyed me that when we transliterate into the Latin script,
> the process is called romanization, but that seems to be the state of
> the jargon.

Wouldn't "Latin script" be just the 23 letters and no punctuation used
for Latin?
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