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Hi Tex,

Some notes from a quick first read...

[1] A lot of the expected readers of this Q&A are content authors who
are struggling to learn about internationalization of web technology.
Apart from the fact that they're unlikely to come across an example of
it, I think listing languages like Hindi under Arabic script with no
qualification is likely to create confusion for the (non-script guru)
readers of this page - particularly as you don't mention it in the
section "Languages that are not right-to-left" - This applies for
other languages cited too.

[2] Indonesian/Jawi needs some attention. As I understand it, Jawi is
another name for the old 'Malay' script based on the Arabic script which
was used to write the Malay language. Indonesian is a (fairly recent)
derivation of Malay language. Today, however, Malay and Indonesian
pretty much use Latin script (indeed only ASCII characters). So I think
this is incorrect, but also I think it is misleading/confusing for the
average reader of this page without further qualification.

[3] "Languages that are not right-to-left" -> "Languages written in
scripts that are not right-to-left ". Also I think a lot of expected
readers will find it useful these days if you include indic scripts
here. 'Thai' could be commuted to 'South-East Asian'. You could add
Georgian and Armenian, if you like.

[4] "In actual fact, they are written vertically top-to-bottom in
lengths of a single character, and therefore appear to be written as
right-to-left.)" -- as I said before this is not necessarily the case.
I have a Taiwanese newspaper here that does RTL text that is not a
single character deep. (See the attachment - esp the caption of the
photo to the left.) (Note also that this is bidirectional text - see
8.6% - which has the % on the right, unlike Arabic/Hebrew.)

[5] Please try to describe what's useful to the reader in this context
behind links such as Omniglot, Rosetta Project, etc.

Hope that helps,

Richard Ishida

tel: +44 1753 480 292

See the W3C Internationalization FAQ page

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> OK, I am ready for another round of abuse. The next draft of
> the Q&A for "which languages are RTL?" is here:

I would be glad for your comments, and in particular your review of the
languages and scripts listed, and suggestions for others.

Note reference to "bidi" is removed!


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