At 17:28 +0000 2003-08-04, Serguei Mokhov wrote:

>That usually happens when you hit "Reply-All". I _believe_ (I'm on
>digest mode) the group settigns are set to "reply to the list" vs. the
>"original sender", and many people hit "Reply-All" thinking that the
>message will only go to the orignal sender and not the list (this is
>the default in vast majority of cases, maybe except for yahoogroups).
>Buy doing so, people get qalam@... in both To: and Cc:.
>At any rate, this is a client-side issue.

The normal thing in Eudora is to hit command-R, which means Reply
all. I am on a great many lists, and it is only these Yahoo lists
which place the list address both in the To: and the Cc: field. I
should think the fault is in the configuration of Yahoogroups
outgoing headers.
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