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> > Tifinar is another bidi. Tamashek is the language.
> > Used (very slightly now) by the (decreasingly) nomadic Tuareg in
> > Mali, Algeria, and
> > Sudan.
> I believe there are multiple languages that use the "Tifinar" (or
> "Tifinagh") script. This script is interesting in that, as I
> understand,
> it is written either RTL, or LTR (but not mixed).
> - Peter

I would be very interested in knowing what other languages utilize
tifinagh (i've seen it spelled fairly equally both ways - though
admittedly the -ar spelling is in some fairly archaic texts, ie: the
kind that refer to "negro writings").

Historically at least, it seems that it is actually omnidirectional,
sometimes with a varying meaning each way, as in some tuareg poetry.
But you are correct in saying that once you are going in that direction
you don't switch around mid-sentence.

I'm interested in finding out how much is used today outside of tourism
and trade - it is readily found in craftsmen markings on commercially
traded silver - and whether that is traditional tifinagh, neo tifinagh,
or neo neo tifinagh. (I should not be blamed for the silly term of "neo
neo" as it comes from here -

As long as we're on the topic i'd be very interested in learning
Tamashek. If anyone knows any outlets for that, books, places where it
is studied, etc. please let me know.


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