--- Tex Texin <tex@...> wrote:
> Peter,
> thanks for your comments and the link. I'll pursue it.
> As for bidi being a lame name, all I can say is I didn't make it up.
> I do see the confusion with boustrephadon. I'll comment on it in the faq.
> tex

Now as far as I had been informed, bidi was a matter of encoding and text
rendering, such that a document containing both LtR and RtL scripts could be
encoded in the order that they are *read* rather than the order that the glyphs
are displayed. I've never seen the term used to mean RtL. An extension of
bidi rendering, if I am not mistaken, permits vertical and horizontal scripts
to be laid out correctly, while maintaining the logical glyph ordering in the
raw document.


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