Lars Marius Garshol scripsit:

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Here are my comments on your unclassifieds. I'm posting them here in case
there is disagreement:

Alaska script: looks suspiciously like pictograms to me, not writing
Bamum script: logosyllabary, changing later to pure syllabary
Camion code: featural script
Chinook/Duployé shorthand: alphabet
Elamite cuneiform: probable syllabary, undeciphered
Fraser script: this is not a script, but a Latin-script orthography for Lisu
Meroitic: abugida
Old Persian Cuneiform: abugida, but has a few syllabograms and logograms
Pahawh Hmong: alphabet, but deeply bizarre
Pitt's shorthand: I have no information on it
Pollard script: alphabet, basically
Rongorongo: possible logosyllabary, undeciphered
Tai Le: abugida with tone-letters

One Word to write them all, John Cowan <jcowan@...>
One Access to find them,
One Excel to count them all,
And thus to Windows bind them. --Mike Champion