I am fleshing out a small page on bidi and I would like to list scripts and
languages written in scripts that are bidi.
I would appreciate your help in validating the information I have. I grabbed
it from some other web pages and some of it seems specious or confused to me.

For bidi scripts I have:

Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac, Thaana

For bidi languages I have:

Adighe, Algerian Tribal, Arabic, Avesta, Baluchi, Berber, Dargwa,
Farsi/Persian, Hausa, Hebrew, Ingush, Jawi/Javanese Kashmiri, Kazakh, Kurdish
(Sorani), Kök Turki, Ladino, Landha, Maldivian, Manchu, Middle Mongolian,
Morrocan Arabic, old Malay, Pashto, Sindhi, Sogdian, South Arabic, Swahili,
Syriac, Tajik, Thaana, Uighur, Urdu, Uzbek, Yiddish.

Is Thaana both a script and a language?
Are some of the languages in fact scripts? (Jawi?)

Should I replace the language Syriac with Assyrian and Neo-Aramaic? Others?

I saw Azerbaijani listed a RTL on one site. I thought it was written in latin
and cyrillic. Is it every written in an RTL script?

I am hoping not to have to research each item individually.
For this page, we really only need current languages, historic ones are not
needed. Including historic ones is not a problem provided they are not
controversial or add ambiguity or confusion of any sort. IE If you can point
out the ones that might be confusing or unnecessary that will help.

As some languages are written in multiple scripts, I am considering
identifying language-script pairs rather than just listing languages.
Comments, as to whether that is better approach? (e.g. Yiddish-hebrew vs.


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