2003-04-01 13:19:37, John Cowan <cowan@...> wrote:

>Richard Ishida scripsit:
>> (if I could figure out how to do it I'd send a screen snap).

Not sure why, but the Print Screen key alone in my machine
suffices to capture the screen to the Clipboard. I use IrfanView
(imho, really excellent) to crop, etc. as appropriate and convert the
clipboard's contents into a regular file. Naturally, I paste the image in
the Clipboard into I.V. and have a go at it.

In IrfanView, note in particular Shift-G, which has several useful
correction controls. Once you have modified your main image (not the small
Before and After ones in the modification dialog/controls), you must
explicitly save the image, or else you'll lose your changes. Until you
save, you are working on the image in RAM, not on disk.

Note also that the directory you save to is not necessarily the directory
you loaded from.

One other item about IrfanView: the program quits
instantly if you hit Esc.

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