I thought this reference might be interesting.
(Cajori was often cited as an author, afaik, in
pre-Internet days)

Europe would show [decimal 1/4] as [0,25] ; the USA, as [0.25].

I understand that India subdivided large integers into groups of four, but I
think we've discussed that briefly, already.

Topic for another time: Mathematical notation is often akin to slang!

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A book by Florian Cajori (A History of Mathematical Notations, Dover Books,
ISBN 0486677664) gives a detailed history of how and where the different
notations more or less 'settled'. The book is a bit dated, but the confusion
has been reduced a little since its publication. The number of different
separators that he mentions in use in the 19th and early 20th century are
quite a few. Up to eight variations of decimal notation are mentioned by
Cajory as 'in use within the last 35 years'.


Javier Susaeta

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