Nicholas Bodley scripsit:

> Thanks! I do recall an earlier version of that document. Eric S.
> Raymond, the [esr] in the URL, is an interesting fellow, who might
> be called the philosopher of the Open Source software movement, of
> which GNU/Linux is the best known example.

Some call him the Margaret Mead of it.

> Thank you! This reminds me of "diploid" and "haploid", terms from
> biology.

And now you know what the "H." in "Jesus H. Christ" stands for
(a consequence of the Virgin Birth, naturally). :-)

> It's nice to have a formal higher education;

I didn't have one either.

> Why does Korean never become as complicated as some Hanzi/Kanji?

No reason for it. A syllable has at most five (I think) components,
all of which are basically very simple.

> Thanks, again, John. I expect to learn lots more here with time...

And so say we all.

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